Monday, June 14, 2010


As some of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a nerd. I was not able to attend E3 this year, or ever, due to some financial constraints, but I have been following the major press conferences. I am sorry Malea, but I want to share what I thought about what I have seen.

In comparison to last year, it seems like there really isn't much going on in the videogame world. Microsoft focused mainly on its new kinect, a motion sensor. While I think the technology has a lot of potential, I feel the games they are currently offering are lackluster. I might be more inclined towards excitement if they bundled over half their launch titles for free with the kinect, after all that is what Nintendo did with their low budget, getting to know the controls, games.

EA is a massive game producer and has a lot of cool titles coming out in the next year. What blew my mind was why they wasted half their time on titles that had so little pizazz. Nearly half the conference was talking about Madden 11, which seems exactly the same as every other football game I have ever played. I honestly couldn't tell you what is supposed to be different, but kudos on bringing in Joe Montana. Then, I was completely shocked that they sent a good 15 minutes on the re-release of Sims 3, for the consoles. They ended up only spending 5 minutes on Star Wars The Old Republic, a game that has been anticipated for quite some time. A real disappointment in my books.

Ubisoft's press conference was probably the best one of the three, though all they did was show the exact same footage of games they have already announced. There was no shocking announcement to peek my interest.

Anyway, that is just my thoughts on E3. Even though I have complained, I really wish that I could have gone. Sorry for wasting your time.

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