Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Great Grandparents Meet Henry

Hair Cut!

I was getting tired of the scraggly never-been-cut hair that Lily sported daily, so we decided to take the plunge. I wanted to get it done professionally the first time since I felt like there's not really a previous haircut to pattern after. We went to Cookie Cutters in Lehi, a salon just for kids. Lily picked a pink sports car to sit in. She watched a show about cats, and the gal got going.

This is the during picture...

And the after pictures! She moved a little when the bangs were getting cut so they are a little short, but I think they are cute. (PS She really wanted to wear her "Big Sister" pin today, so that's what that is.

"Smile Lily!"

This is what she did after I said, "That wasn't a real smile. Look excited!"

She got a Dum Dum and a balloon and, with the coupon, I felt it was a great experience. She's adorable!

Big Girl Bed

Henry was busting out of this bassinet and we finally found a great deal on a bunk bed so we took the plunge and Lily is in a big girl bed. We skipped the toddler bed phase and I'm honestly quite pleased that we did.
We put together only half of the bunk bed and we'll add the other half as needed. :)
Lily has always been a poor night sleeper so we were a bit concerned. To our great surprise, she has never slept better! Yes, she has a little bit of trouble staying in bed at bedtime, but she seems to have a much better night sleep. We put a bed rail on and she's only fallen off once and it was not a traumatic event. Phew!
Her room is so fun for her now and she's recently discovered how fun it is to hide in her own little nook under her bed. Ah, to be a little girl again.