Sunday, October 31, 2010

PCL YA Extravaganza

For non-Provo library nerds, I'm talking about the Provo City Library Young Adult Book Festival. Many thanks to Es for getting tickets and the ladies for getting us good seats!

Scott Westerfeld of bestselling Uglies Trilogy and Leviathan book fame was the keynote speaker. He was actually a really great and funny speaker. He explained that his book has pictures because he got the Japanese copy of Uglies that had pictures and he wondered, why do they get pictures and not us? It was really interesting.

He showed several of the pictures that are in the book Leviathan. I haven't read Leviathan yet, but I liked the Uglies books.

Then, he signed books. It was really bright in the signing room so the picture makes me look a little scary.

Tons of local authors were also there and doing Q&A and signing. I wish I could have stayed longer but Lily was at home needing food. It was a great event and I really hope that they do it again. Excellent job, P-town.

Getting Cold!

It's starting to get cold here in Utah and we're having to start using sweaters and hoodies. I'm looking into getting some sort of bunting or car seat cover. I'm on the fence for what to get, so feel free to weigh in on your opinions!

4 months!

Oh my goodness, my baby is 4 months old! We visited the doctor and got her check up and I was surprised by what we learned. My baby is a string bean! Super long and skinny!

This outfit fits in length but not in width so she looks wider than she really is in this picture.

She's getting good at grabbing at toys hanging in front of her, and she's starting to put everything into her mouth. She smiles lots and giggled for the first time this week. I'm working on a video of her giggles. No rolling over yet, but she can hold up her head and her chest.

I love this picture below because her eyes look so blue.

Dinner with Linds

Lindsay invited us over for a yummy dinner at her house and it was so nice to spend time with her. I want to add a big thanks to her for her friendship! She's so welcoming and truly makes everyone feel loved in her home! Thanks, Linds!

Another reason Lindsay's house is so wonderful is that she has some great stuff to entertain the "kids." I walked into the library to find this.

Witches Night Out (In)

For years, my wonderful friends and I (organized by the Halloween-loving Olivia) have gone to a fun all-women dance party called Witches Night Out. This year, we got together and ate dinner and as we prepared to leave, we got talking. Many of us had had a rough day and then it was raining and we were running we decided to just go to ice cream and talk some more.

It was SO nice to hang out with these girls. I love them! They always make me feel so happy and I laugh so hard with them. Esther can imitate people like you would not believe. I laughed until I couldn't breath. Heather has such an infectious laugh and once she'd start laughing at Esther, we were all gone. And Olivia is perpetually happy. Nothing ever gets her down. She's so much fun to be around. Thanks, ladies!


Someone left some unusually mean and hurtful comments on my blog and I've struggled with why they would go out of their way to anonymously post words that only cause someone to feel distressed.

It's taken me awhile to decide whether to take my blog private or how to continue. I've decided that it's sad that someone has such negative feelings about me, but I still want to share my love of my family openly.

I'm back and regret that I let someone else's words effect me so. I can only hope that people who do not harbor favorable feelings toward me will move on, as I have.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Baby

Just some pictures to show how big Lily is getting! I love her smile!


I was waiting for a prescription at Walgreens last night and went through the aisle that has the as-seen-on-tv stuff. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this product. My first thought was, "What product could you use for your bum pits? Wait, what is a bum pit? Should this be in the bathroom section?"

Then, I realized they were trying to say "bump-its." Ooooh! To bump up your hair! I guess I should have looked at the picture sooner. Ha! Well this gets a failing grade from me on it's name.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I had bangs back in the day. Those who knew me remember the poofy fluffed look. Looking back, I definitely let the 1980s poof carry far too long into the 1990s. Here's a sample. Although I have to say, this is one of the better shots. (Look how long my hair was! And how BIG my glasses were!)

Then, I switched to the swoop-bang look. Too bad I didn't part it on the side. It probably would have looked better. PS This was a play I was in. I didn't dress like this in High School.

So, I'm thinking I might want to mix things up and recut some bangs. It's a very precarious thing for a person with curly hair to add bangs, but I really want something new without adding too much maintenance. I'm also open to cropping my hair totally off like this pic below and wearing it straight.

I searched and searched and it turns out very few people have curly hair and bangs.

I'm completely not cute and trendy, so I really need some feedback. I would probably wear my hair curly and my bangs straight (not round, but straight). Could I look cute with full bangs, a side swoop or just a few strands?

What do you guys think?!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When Lily was born, she had noticeably large feet. There's a nice (un)flattering shot of them here. I think they are adorable and I just kiss and tickle them all day. We figured she would grow into them and I have to say they do seem totally normal now.

These were her little feet prints at birth:

These are her little feet now. I know they look weird. I didn't have ink so I used acrylic paint. Not such a great medium for feet prints.

If you see the side by side comparison below, her feet have totally grown. Yet somehow they don't seem big anymore.

Her feet were 3 inches at birth and she was 18 inches. Her feet are now 3.5 inches and she is now 23 inches. Who wants to do that math and tell me if her feet have grown proportionately to her body? I haven't had enough sleep to do it.
Maybe she will be tall like her dad. I guess we'll have to wait and see!