Sunday, October 31, 2010

PCL YA Extravaganza

For non-Provo library nerds, I'm talking about the Provo City Library Young Adult Book Festival. Many thanks to Es for getting tickets and the ladies for getting us good seats!

Scott Westerfeld of bestselling Uglies Trilogy and Leviathan book fame was the keynote speaker. He was actually a really great and funny speaker. He explained that his book has pictures because he got the Japanese copy of Uglies that had pictures and he wondered, why do they get pictures and not us? It was really interesting.

He showed several of the pictures that are in the book Leviathan. I haven't read Leviathan yet, but I liked the Uglies books.

Then, he signed books. It was really bright in the signing room so the picture makes me look a little scary.

Tons of local authors were also there and doing Q&A and signing. I wish I could have stayed longer but Lily was at home needing food. It was a great event and I really hope that they do it again. Excellent job, P-town.


  1. I miss Provo. I just have to say that I LOVE your bag. I also like the picture becaues your bag and Scott's jacket are the same colors. Almost like it was planned ;)

  2. It was SO FUN! I have a better picture of you at it! I'll email you and you can replace it if you want! WOOT!

  3. that was fun! i'm getting addicted to these book signings!