Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When Lily was born, she had noticeably large feet. There's a nice (un)flattering shot of them here. I think they are adorable and I just kiss and tickle them all day. We figured she would grow into them and I have to say they do seem totally normal now.

These were her little feet prints at birth:

These are her little feet now. I know they look weird. I didn't have ink so I used acrylic paint. Not such a great medium for feet prints.

If you see the side by side comparison below, her feet have totally grown. Yet somehow they don't seem big anymore.

Her feet were 3 inches at birth and she was 18 inches. Her feet are now 3.5 inches and she is now 23 inches. Who wants to do that math and tell me if her feet have grown proportionately to her body? I haven't had enough sleep to do it.
Maybe she will be tall like her dad. I guess we'll have to wait and see!


  1. Here is the math for anyone interested. When Lily was born her feet were 1/6th her body length or 0.1666 times her length. Now her feet are 7/46th of her body length, or 0.1522 times her length, so for those who don't understand the math, Lily is slowly growing into her feet.

  2. Funny, Grma here didn't ever even notice her big feet. She is perfect! Perhaps she will have size 13 shoes when she is an adult. I have a friend with that size feet, but the rest of her body is very athletic and "normal". She is a great Mom to 4, btw. (: