Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First face painting

James and I went to his company summer party and they had a face painter. We'd never had our faces painted so we bargained that if we could choose each other's designs, we would do it. I chose Harry Potter for James and he chose bloody bolts in my forehead and cheek. Lily did flowers, but she hated it so it was limited. The best part was when she looked at James and was super confused.

Fun videos from our trip

For those that like to see videos...

Trip to VA

I got to see so many people in my family this summer! Lily and I went to Virginia to visit Brad and Jenn and the New York troop came down! Manie and Jared are just 15 minutes away so we had a blast!

I met Benny and Camilo for the first time. I love that baby!

The Carroll family joined us for a meal, too!

We celebrated Stuart's 1st birthday, too! It was so much fun!

Let me just say that getting a picture of three small children in birthday hats is not easy. I'm still not sure that we actually got it done...

The best part of our trip was seeing Lily get to know all of her cousins. It was so wonderful how much she loves those Stephenson kids. And they love her, too! It's priceless watching Lily interact with Camilo and Stuart. They are just barely starting to interact with each other and it's so cute.

Babies in the bath always draw a crowd.

Lily learned to crawl up stairs. Ahh!

We had a wonderful time. Thank you Stephensons! We hope to see all of you again very soon!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Loran Kye and Dorthea Virginia Andersen Stephenson Family Reunion

Karla, Amanda, Jared and I were so glad to accompany grandma and grandpa Stephenson to our grandpa's parents' decendents reunion. We were so glad to go since we were the only ones representing the Loren Dean Stephenson clan! It was wonderful to learn more about my great grandparents and to see the impact of righteous and diligent parentage. Here are some pictures Amanda and I took.

Here's a picture of the original Loran Kye and Dorthea Virginia Andersen Stephenson family and I took photos of each of the kids' family trees. It was so cool that they posted them all really large on the wall. So great for my recent interest in family history!! (I still don't know the order of the kids...but my grandpa is the handsome one on the top right.