Saturday, August 27, 2011

Loran Kye and Dorthea Virginia Andersen Stephenson Family Reunion

Karla, Amanda, Jared and I were so glad to accompany grandma and grandpa Stephenson to our grandpa's parents' decendents reunion. We were so glad to go since we were the only ones representing the Loren Dean Stephenson clan! It was wonderful to learn more about my great grandparents and to see the impact of righteous and diligent parentage. Here are some pictures Amanda and I took.

Here's a picture of the original Loran Kye and Dorthea Virginia Andersen Stephenson family and I took photos of each of the kids' family trees. It was so cool that they posted them all really large on the wall. So great for my recent interest in family history!! (I still don't know the order of the kids...but my grandpa is the handsome one on the top right.

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  1. Wonderful Malea! Thank you for documenting this important piece of family history.I almost feel like we were there!