Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After I change Lily's diaper each morning, she takes off her jammies and this is what happens.

Oh yeah, there's also this!!

What we've been up to...

Playing in the leaves.

Visiting one of the tons halloween and pumpkin themed places that pop up this time of year.

Traveling, which requires James to take a grumpy Lily into his bed.

Mom is able to put Lily's hair in her first ponytail! Love those eyelashes!

Getting a new carseat for this newly 20-pound toddler!

Cousins and grandma visiting!

And playing with fun phone apps.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Mozart

Lily has always loved music. She leads the music with the chorister in church, she listens to primary songs to go to sleep at night and she even dances to the interlude music on NPR. So, I shouldn't have been surprised when she discovered her LOVE and OBSESSION for "playing" the piano.

This lady doesn't just push on a few keys. She's up and down the piano, soft, hard, fast, slow. She loves it. She asks to play SEVERAL times a day. She's very focused and often gets quite into it.


Lily really does have some hair. It's just really fine. When we blow dry it out (which takes about 10 seconds), she has almost 4 inches! Woot!

Anyone else have bald babies? What can I do with this hair? Gel? Unicorn pony tail? Ugh.

Malea's Christmas Wish List

This is mostly for James and to be able to look back on. Nobody need buy any of these items for me (No, Marcia! STOP typing in amazon.com)

1. Canon SLR camera. We need to be able to take better pics now that I want to have pictures of my babies that actually look nice!

2. Small food processor. Under $25. Like these.

3. Definitely not a need, but I want a Hobo clutch. :)

4. I'd love a new purse, too. I like the Nicole Miller designs.

5. A printer. Ours is broken and we are definitely missing it! We need a scanner/copier and it needs to be color. We have been thinking about going laser. Can someone out there recommend laser over inkjet? I know they are generally better but are they worth the money?

6. Computer amoire. I know I'm really not likely to get this, but even used, it would be great storage and much prettier than our big ugly desk.

Now that I have made a list of gratuitously expensive items, I'll go tell James to just get me socks, a new shower caddy and some swedish fish.  :)


We just did the trunk or treat at the ward building, but this was Lily's first Halloween dressing up! She was really confused about why I was encouraging her to take candy from strangers. Truth be told, I am really sad that we did the candy thing. She had a dum dum and some sweet tarts and I think she might be hooked. Darn it!

Lily dressed as a ... well, what do you think this is?

We had people say, "What a cute puppy!" Poodle! Sheep! Wolf! Lamb!

Whatever she was, she sure was cute! What do you guys think she looks like? Note: there was a long black tail ...