Monday, December 17, 2012


Apparently, she doesn't even need me anymore except to turn on the stove. She came running in with the sauce pan and said "cheese" to me. This scene is what I found. You must realize these things are not easy to retrieve...

Washing Dishes

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Great Grandparents Meet Henry

Hair Cut!

I was getting tired of the scraggly never-been-cut hair that Lily sported daily, so we decided to take the plunge. I wanted to get it done professionally the first time since I felt like there's not really a previous haircut to pattern after. We went to Cookie Cutters in Lehi, a salon just for kids. Lily picked a pink sports car to sit in. She watched a show about cats, and the gal got going.

This is the during picture...

And the after pictures! She moved a little when the bangs were getting cut so they are a little short, but I think they are cute. (PS She really wanted to wear her "Big Sister" pin today, so that's what that is.

"Smile Lily!"

This is what she did after I said, "That wasn't a real smile. Look excited!"

She got a Dum Dum and a balloon and, with the coupon, I felt it was a great experience. She's adorable!

Big Girl Bed

Henry was busting out of this bassinet and we finally found a great deal on a bunk bed so we took the plunge and Lily is in a big girl bed. We skipped the toddler bed phase and I'm honestly quite pleased that we did.
We put together only half of the bunk bed and we'll add the other half as needed. :)
Lily has always been a poor night sleeper so we were a bit concerned. To our great surprise, she has never slept better! Yes, she has a little bit of trouble staying in bed at bedtime, but she seems to have a much better night sleep. We put a bed rail on and she's only fallen off once and it was not a traumatic event. Phew!
Her room is so fun for her now and she's recently discovered how fun it is to hide in her own little nook under her bed. Ah, to be a little girl again. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

People in UT go crazy for Halloween. We went to a pumpkin patch and not only did they sell pumpkins, but they had a petting zoo, straw bale maze, tractor ride and dried corn bin for kids. Too bad it turned Winter overnight a few days ago. Lily still greatly enjoyed it.

For your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love my kids


Utah State Fair

We went with my mom and sister Karla to the Utah State Fair a few weeks ago. It was really fun. Lily loved the animals. It was great fun!

2 Months

Henry is getting so big! I am having so much fun comparing my kids. Lily was almost 10 lbs at this age and Henry is 12.5 lbs. Lily wasn't even this big at 4 months. But they were the same length at this age. Lily was more vocal by now and Henry is a little more reserved.
They actually look pretty similar in the face, but Henry is a chunky baby and Lil was a string bean. They are such beautiful children. How I love them!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Blessing

I know this is SUPER late in posting, but we blessed baby Henry on his 2 week birthday - August 12, 2012. The reason we did it so soon was because my sister Karla remarried August 14th and all of my siblings were in town! What an opportunity! In the circle there was James, my dad, his dad, Joe Schmitt, Brad Stephenson, Lance Hori (Kar's new hubby), Tom Evans, Terry Schmitt, Wesley Schmitt and Scott Carter. We were so happy that so many family members were able to attend!

We had a great visit with everyone. And the star of the show was so sweet!

Here are some of the things James said in the blessing:

He will be known on the records of the church as Henry James Schmitt. He was blessed to be an influence for good in his family and to others. That his love would radiate to others, that he will inspire others. He was blessed that he would have a testimony of the Gospel, to be able to strengthen others in our Savior's church. He was blessed with health that he may actively serve others. Also that he may show his parents what he needs so that we may be able to raise him well.

It was a wonderful blessing and a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Play with Me

Lily has been finding more and more ways to "play" with Henry. I'm sure she will be so happy when he can respond and play with her.
A few days ago, I came into the room and Lily was holding her toy phone up to Henry's ear and I heard her say "Oh, hi daddy!"

I came into the kitchen yesterday morning and she had shared her (naked) Barbies with brother. I told her that was very sweet to share.

Which I guess is why I found THIS when I went into my bedroom to go to bed last night...Ha!

One Sunday in Primary, we had a little 6 year old girl visiting with her 4 year old little brother. When they came up to have us sing the welcome song, she ran up to him and hugged him and then picked him up and spun in a circle until they fell on the floor together. Everyone in Primary was cracking up. It was so clear how much they loved each other. I had a glipse of what I hope Lily and Henry will have as they grow up and become friends.


Babies make the best faces.

His hair has some red, but not this much. Our camera setting went a little wild. But I like the thinking man pose.

He's so handome. Such a cute little man.

Love the jowls.

And here are some cute pictures because my family is adorable.

Well Babies

This is super late in posting, but I wanted to say my babies are getting big and beautiful! 

I love this girl. She put a CD up to her face and then sucked on her binky through the hole. She was walking around this way.

This boy gained a pound in 2 weeks! Woot! He's a great eater! Love those cheeks!