Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Play with Me

Lily has been finding more and more ways to "play" with Henry. I'm sure she will be so happy when he can respond and play with her.
A few days ago, I came into the room and Lily was holding her toy phone up to Henry's ear and I heard her say "Oh, hi daddy!"

I came into the kitchen yesterday morning and she had shared her (naked) Barbies with brother. I told her that was very sweet to share.

Which I guess is why I found THIS when I went into my bedroom to go to bed last night...Ha!

One Sunday in Primary, we had a little 6 year old girl visiting with her 4 year old little brother. When they came up to have us sing the welcome song, she ran up to him and hugged him and then picked him up and spun in a circle until they fell on the floor together. Everyone in Primary was cracking up. It was so clear how much they loved each other. I had a glipse of what I hope Lily and Henry will have as they grow up and become friends.