Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Blessing

I know this is SUPER late in posting, but we blessed baby Henry on his 2 week birthday - August 12, 2012. The reason we did it so soon was because my sister Karla remarried August 14th and all of my siblings were in town! What an opportunity! In the circle there was James, my dad, his dad, Joe Schmitt, Brad Stephenson, Lance Hori (Kar's new hubby), Tom Evans, Terry Schmitt, Wesley Schmitt and Scott Carter. We were so happy that so many family members were able to attend!

We had a great visit with everyone. And the star of the show was so sweet!

Here are some of the things James said in the blessing:

He will be known on the records of the church as Henry James Schmitt. He was blessed to be an influence for good in his family and to others. That his love would radiate to others, that he will inspire others. He was blessed that he would have a testimony of the Gospel, to be able to strengthen others in our Savior's church. He was blessed with health that he may actively serve others. Also that he may show his parents what he needs so that we may be able to raise him well.

It was a wonderful blessing and a wonderful day!

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