Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tooth #2

This lady has been chewing on anything and everything.

Well, it turns out she's been teething on tooth #2!

Maybe now she'll start eating some meat and potatoes!

I had to add this video. We laughed so hard.

Sleeping through the night!

At 9 months, Lily is finally sleeping through the night! The key is having her get enough to eat during the day. She doesn't love to eat when there are other more exciting things going on around her. She's also been sick off and on and lost weight and needed to have a growth spurt to catch up.

Finally, she is not sick and she's getting enough to eat during the day! She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 7am. Woohoo!

Some nights she does wake up and fuss. I usually enter the room and see this:

1. Head hitting bars of crib

2. Feet kicking the wall through the bars

3. Mouth located too far away from...

4. Binky

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Like mom and dad

I wanted to list some ways Lily is like me and some ways she's like James. I thought it might be fun to look back on. These are what I think.


  • Eyes

  • Mouth

  • Cheeks

  • Skin tone

  • Hair texture

  • Always cold

  • Spirited personality

  • Binky-addicted (I sucked my fingers)

  • Loves to sleep


  • Chin

  • Nose

  • Forehead

  • Hair line

  • Toes

  • Fingers

  • Body length

  • Skinny

  • Picky eater

Interestingly, she more like me in her personality and much more like James physically. My mother-in-law says we might be like the Stephensons who have a model A (Karla, Brad, Malea) and a model B (Marcia, Amanda, Krista). If that's true, maybe our next baby will be short, chubby and like Dungeons & Dragons.

What do you guys think? Who does she look like? Who does she act like?

The benefit of skinny babies

Baby dresses become cute shirts. Here:

And here: And pants with a hem can be unhemmed to create longer pants!

This cute 9 month old baby looks very cute in her newborn dress and 3-6 month jeans!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

9 months!

These days, Lily enjoys reading, daddy,
and sleeping.

I wish she enjoyed eating more. Gosh, she's skinny for her age! Soon, we'll introduce whole milk and I have high hopes for her putting on some weight.