Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We just did the trunk or treat at the ward building, but this was Lily's first Halloween dressing up! She was really confused about why I was encouraging her to take candy from strangers. Truth be told, I am really sad that we did the candy thing. She had a dum dum and some sweet tarts and I think she might be hooked. Darn it!

Lily dressed as a ... well, what do you think this is?

We had people say, "What a cute puppy!" Poodle! Sheep! Wolf! Lamb!

Whatever she was, she sure was cute! What do you guys think she looks like? Note: there was a long black tail ...


  1. I have no idea what she is but she sure is cute!! What a sweetie. What is that costume supposed to be? Love her little black nose. :)

  2. At first look, I thought she was a bear, but then I read there is a tail. Let's say an ambiguous ... something! I love the second picture of her in the air! You take great pictures btw.

  3. My guess would be either a doggy (Jack's girlfriend) or a black sheep. But we shouldn't label a child so young.... :)

  4. if there's a long tail, i'm guessing a fuzzy cat? super cute!