Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witches Night Out (In)

For years, my wonderful friends and I (organized by the Halloween-loving Olivia) have gone to a fun all-women dance party called Witches Night Out. This year, we got together and ate dinner and as we prepared to leave, we got talking. Many of us had had a rough day and then it was raining and we were running we decided to just go to ice cream and talk some more.

It was SO nice to hang out with these girls. I love them! They always make me feel so happy and I laugh so hard with them. Esther can imitate people like you would not believe. I laughed until I couldn't breath. Heather has such an infectious laugh and once she'd start laughing at Esther, we were all gone. And Olivia is perpetually happy. Nothing ever gets her down. She's so much fun to be around. Thanks, ladies!


  1. Woot for Witches Night Out / In! Hanging out with you ladies is fun no matter what we do!

  2. I LOVE that you young women church buddies are still such close friends as women. That is incredibly rare and special, but I think you girls know that. You each are special and you are great friends to each other. That does not go unnoticed by this older generation. Thank you so much for loving our Malea. She is truly, so lovable. We love you all, too! Sr. BevS.

  3. Yes that was a fun night! We need to just have hang outs like that more often... :)