Friday, October 8, 2010


I had bangs back in the day. Those who knew me remember the poofy fluffed look. Looking back, I definitely let the 1980s poof carry far too long into the 1990s. Here's a sample. Although I have to say, this is one of the better shots. (Look how long my hair was! And how BIG my glasses were!)

Then, I switched to the swoop-bang look. Too bad I didn't part it on the side. It probably would have looked better. PS This was a play I was in. I didn't dress like this in High School.

So, I'm thinking I might want to mix things up and recut some bangs. It's a very precarious thing for a person with curly hair to add bangs, but I really want something new without adding too much maintenance. I'm also open to cropping my hair totally off like this pic below and wearing it straight.

I searched and searched and it turns out very few people have curly hair and bangs.

I'm completely not cute and trendy, so I really need some feedback. I would probably wear my hair curly and my bangs straight (not round, but straight). Could I look cute with full bangs, a side swoop or just a few strands?

What do you guys think?!


  1. I LOVE the first picture of Charlize Theron (the second to last pic). And actually I think it will look cute on you too because the pic of your cropped hair is cute.

  2. You look beautiful Malea no matter what.

  3. I love the 1980's poof bangs on you - remind me of when we first met. :) Not saying you need to recreate them... hmm.... for having a hairdresser mom I have surprising little good hair sense! Do you have a hairdresser you're going to? I bet my cousin Stacey would have some good ideas for you!

  4. Yes, I second Es' suggestion for Stacey. What all the girls with the curls have in common is that they are very soft non-gelled (stiff) curls and I think they look fabulous so I say GO FOR IT!

  5. Hi Lay, Mom here. I think you would look fab with swooping-to-the-side bangs,straight with all the rest curly. For sure. Jenn tried to get my hair to do that last time she cut my hair. It lasted one day with me not following up. So, if you will do it, go for it! I love it! But, you are adorable in every way. But I may be slightly biased! Love, Mom

  6. I love my hair super short, but my hair is not quite as curly and thick as yours. I am struggling to find the right product to take out the frizz and leave soft curls. I have tried so many but I am sure the right one is out there, just costs an arm and a leg.

    I may grow it out since I will eventually be back in the dating scene(scary!), and you know how most men love long hair. I think you are darling no matter what, but short hair has been the best hair do for my single mom always on the go lifestyle. I vote for the short hair do in the pic!