Sunday, October 31, 2010


Someone left some unusually mean and hurtful comments on my blog and I've struggled with why they would go out of their way to anonymously post words that only cause someone to feel distressed.

It's taken me awhile to decide whether to take my blog private or how to continue. I've decided that it's sad that someone has such negative feelings about me, but I still want to share my love of my family openly.

I'm back and regret that I let someone else's words effect me so. I can only hope that people who do not harbor favorable feelings toward me will move on, as I have.


  1. Ah, Lay, I'm so sorry! I think you're wonderful. I'm glad you're still public, but if you eventually change your mind, I want to be on your subscriber list...or whatever you would call it.

    Love ya!

  2. Hi Malea,
    I am sorry to hear that someone would be mean and rude to you. I check your blog regularly, but don't usually read the comments from others, so I don't know what was said. And for that I am glad, because that is just a pitiful person. I love checking in and seeing how much Lily has grown and how much you are enjoying motherhood. If you do go private, I would love to be on your list :-)

    Julie Kimble

  3. Mean people suck. You don't.

    Keep blogging!


  4. Who is it? I'll fight em with one hand behind my back. Put em up, put em up. Seriously though, I am not a violent person, and that makes me want to beat them up.

    I know how hard it is to love people that only say mean things and want to destroy you. I love you and miss you and your sweet family. Hope to see you when I come out for my divorce conference.