Monday, November 29, 2010


Macie and Lily are very different. After some people read my post about them, they wanted to know how they are different.
Primarily, they are physically totally different. Lily and Macie are about the same length, but Lily is 13 pounds and Macie is 17. Macie has over 3 inches of soft hair and Lily has less than 1/8 cm. Both ladies have the rainbow eyes when they smile. Macie is soft and snuggly and Lily holds herself tight and firm all of the time. She doesn't love to be held too much, while Macie just loves it. Macie is usually hot and Lily is always cold.
Lily rations her smiles. She smiles most when she's well fed and just woke up, but they are pretty reserved. She almost always smiles at daddy. She smiles at most strangers who smile at her. But she smiles at mommy only when we're playing. Macie is the most smily baby I've ever seen. She will smile if someone is simply looking in her general direction. She's just eats up any attention and gives it right back. It's SO fun to have Macie smile at you.

Lily has a sober personality and seems to be a thinker. She looks down a lot and I'm not sure if it's the weight of her head or if she just likes the floor. Macie looks in your eyes and has very expressive eyebrows. If she's not happy, you can tell by her eyes.

Lily plays really well on her own. She can hold her binky and put it in her mouth all by herself. She loves to look at/hold my hand and a simple rattle could keep her happy for a long time. Macie has the advantage of having a little Jester of a brother who dances and plays with her. I think that's one reason she likes to have people with her more.

No matter the differences, they are both so sweet. I hope that despite their differences, they will want to be friends! I hope someday our families will live closer together, but either way I know they will see each other. They have no choice with how much their mommies love each other and their daddies family gets together!


  1. Hey, if there is any testament that different types of people can get along its the LBGs. I'm sure those two will be bestest buddies!

  2. How sweet! And what a good little record this is of the two of them as babies! Love it.