Monday, May 23, 2011

So smart!

I HAD to blog about my baby because this week she totally spoke several times! Now, I am meaning words that are intended and decipherable. Not babble. She's been babbling for months. So her first words were officially, "Where's dad?" He had just left the room and she was looking around for him. I almost died. She says mamama plenty, but not in regards to me. :(

Then, yesterday at church she said, "hi" to two people. We say hi to her quite a bit so that's no surprise. And then just now, 10 minutes ago, she was sitting on dad's lap and Jack jumped up to join her. She said "Jack!" twice in a row then pushed him away.

This baby is not even 11 months old yet! I have to admit, I knew she'd be a fast talker. She's been very verbal for a long time. Now, if we could only get her to crawl or creep or anything more than sit and spin. She's got the physical ability, but I think she's scared and hasn't been motivated enough to make it happen.

These pictures are about the best ones of me trying to get those legs underneath her!

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  1. Oh, what a doll baby! SO BIG! She is growing too fast! She will get more comfortable crawling and scooting and moving on the floor if she has lots of "floor time" each day. I have seen that with Camilo. As soon as he got more floor time, he "took off" "scooting" on his tummy, reaching for every toy. He isn't up on knees yet, but he will get there when he's ready. And so will Lily! Love that lady! Love the shoes! Some babies crawl for a very short time, then get up and walk! Watch out!