Saturday, September 10, 2011

Me? Cute and crafty?

Remember this post where I wrote about how my sister-in-law Jenn sent me a whole slew of bows she made for Lily with a cool bow "rack?" Well, when I was in VA visiting, she gave me the bow-making 101 class and I got really excited about making bows for Lily and as gifts.

Lily's babysitter, Mia, is having a girl and for her shower, I decided to take the plunge. I stocked up at Michael's and ventured into a world of cute craftiness that was completely foreign. And look what I did!!

These ones are my least favorite, but I made them so I figured I should give them and if she didn't like them she could toss them. I'm not crazy about the weird greenery. Note to self: flowers are cute, leaves are not.

These ones were my one of my faves. I loved the ribbon and think they will go with lots of pink and brown outfits.

These ones were surprisingly easy.

I LOVED these ones with the cute buttons! Is it weird to put buttons on a hair clip?

I have to apologize to Mia. This is definitely amateur work with the most random clips ever, but hopefully at least one or two of them work out.

THANK YOU, JENN! I think I found a new hobby! Now, you two prego girls (yes, you) - think baby girl thoughts.


  1. So cute! You gotta teach me sister friend! Syd is in need of some more hair pretties she looses hers constantly!

  2. those are adorable! we need to have a craft night!

  3. Way to go, Malea! I think they are all adorable! I would love to see them modeled on a cute baby girl! It was so fab to see you and baby Lils! l love you! Mom