Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hypnotoad... Err I Mean Babies

So, as I am pretty sure you already know, Malea and I are doing a hypnosis birthing class. One of the questions the instructor asked prior to starting class was what I thought of the class and I responded with "Meh."

When I first heard about the class I thought of babies with strange glowing eyes. This probably had a lot to do with the fact my favorite television show is Futurama and the hypnotoad is a great character from the show. For some reason I picture a babies face on the hypotoad.

Barring my weird obsession with Futurama, I have a lot of faith in the hypnosis program. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that everyone uses. If you have every been tickled and forced yourself to not laugh, you have used your brain in a semi-hypnotic state. Anytime that you drive home and don't realize what you are doing until you get home, you are using hypnosis.

I am very glad that Malea has found something she feels comfortable with. I fully support her in her endeavor. I am excited to use the program and feel that we can use some of the principles we are learning in other avenues. Maybe we can use these techniques to help Malea sleep more soundly at night.


  1. Love it. And yeah, even Rob still uses his "lightswitch" to fall asleep regularly and I used the hypnosis when I got a cavity, instead of Novocaine.

  2. Very cool guys! Can't wait to hear your birthing story!