Sunday, May 23, 2010

If I Were Invisible

If you know my wife and I at all, you know that whenever one of us is in the shower and the other one is in bathroom, we start singing the infamous stalker song, "If I Were Invisible." This morning, when Malea began singing that song to me I informed her that if I were invisible I would do something useful with my super powers, instead of just creepily watching people shower. This sparked an interesting conversation about what you could do with invisibility.

After some serious thought and conversation I came to the conclusion that the only useful thing you could do with invisibility was to become a world famous assassin or a first class thief. So basically what I am saying is that invisibility is more of a super villain power.

If you can think of anything more useful to use invisibility for, then good for you, but I couldn't.

1 comment:

  1. Hummm... you could whisper like a conscious or God to bad guys & have them mend their ways. That'd be a totally moral use of your time. Hummm... or... you could become one of those helper people for the police. Come with them when they interigate people & after the cops leaves stick around to hear the bad guys say, "Phew, they didn't find out I killed that guy!"

    I'm just saying... no need to be a SUPER VILLAN or a creep master James.