Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grammy and Grandma

James' mom came to stay with us after Lily was born. (My sister, Marcia, was also due early in July and my mom was with her. Since she's married to James' brother, we had to share the same two people!) "Grammy," as she's known, was wonderfully helpful! She excels at playing with Lily in developmentally appropriate ways, she cooked yummy meals that we can never afford (steak!) and she even took Lily a few nights and just brought her in to me when she needed to eat. We were so lucky to have her and we love her so much!

This week, my mom has been with us! She's "Grandma." She has also been wonderful! She has a pretty OCD cleaning habit and has cleaned our house in places that probably haven't seen a rag for years. My fridge, tub and walls look whiter than ever. For some reason she loves to change diapers, too. And she also treated us to dinner and a movie! We're so glad she could stay with us for almost 2 weeks and we love her very much!

James and I are so blessed to have been born of goodly parents! Thanks to mom Schmitt and mom Stephenson for the help, the companionship and your joyful love of Lily!

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  1. Yeah for mom's! We've got to remember this when our baby girls have babies so we can remember what as helpful and do it too!