Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Month Check-Up

Lily had her 2 month check-up awhile ago and I'm just now getting her stats posted. She's gained weight and gotten longer! I am genuinely grateful she wasn't this big at birth! Still struggling with baby tummy issues, so we got some advice from Dr Harrison and an Rx for gas.

She got 2 shots and 1 oral vaccine. I am a fan of vaccinations. I understand that some families are nervous about side effects, but I think it's about the big picture. Society is much safer when we are all vaccinated. I feel almost a patriotic duty to vaccinate. I also think it's safe and ultimately in my baby's interest. Poor Lily, though. She cried pretty hard and then had a tough day at home. Note to self: make sure you have already purchased and administered the baby Tylenol before vaccinations. It was terrible trying to buy it with my hysterical baby making everyone think I was torturing her. Next visit: 4 month check up!


  1. I would be interested in what doctor's advice you got about the tummy troubles!

  2. I agree 100% about the vaccines, it's in everyones best interest. She's adorable by the way!

  3. I also am a fan of vaccines. My kids all benefited, I believe. Good note to self about the Tylenol. Always have it in the house and diaper bag. In just such "emergencies". What a good Mommy you are, Malea! I miss you ladies! Call me! Mom