Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Domestic Denise

My wonderful friend and freshman year roommate, Denise, is so great. Right before Lily was born she gave me with totally amazing quiet book for Lily. She made it all by hand! I took a few pictures of my favorite pages. A butterfly comes out of the zipped cocoon!

She LOVES it!

Thumbs up!


  1. I remember when you got that! It's SO CUTE! And with awesome vintage fabrics too!

  2. Can I buy one from Denise?! Okay, just had to say that Lil is getting some great cheeks! So cute!

  3. I remember it too! I asked Denise if I could buy one too. They take her a while to make. Do you think she would make some more? I think all the baby cousins should have one. Will you ask her? They are worth her price. Love, Mom