Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lily is adorable. At least I think so. She's learning about some of the wonderful noises her throat can make. This video gets a little giggle and a little growl.

This one is sweet because James loves playing with Lily and I never get it on video. This is the end of This Little Piggy. Sorry it's sideways. And a neat little fact is that Lily's wearing a shirt that my friend Olivia gave me when she announced that she was pregnant for the first time 5 years ago! I saved it and now Lily can wear it.


  1. Very cute. Good job capturing these things on video! So fun to have these memories. And so great she's got her LBG onsie! :)

  2. wahh! I can't believe it's the petite LBG onsie! I think I even have mine stored away somewhere!