Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semi-Decade Teeth Cleaning

No, not me or's Jack's turn for his dental cleaning and check-up. I'm not a dog person so I didn't realize why his breath started to stink and why when he licked something it smelled like stinky cheese. When my good friend and veterinary technician Lisa came to visit, I mentioned it and she looked and was astonished at how nasty his teeth were. She said it was a cesspool of bacteria. I was totally freaked out since I had a new baby. Then, I looked into prices for these teeth cleanings and freaked out even more. Intravenous fluids, anesthesia, lab work. But, alas, it had to be done.

Then, I found out he needed to have up to date vaccines to get his teeth cleaned. Ugh, more money. I mean, I like Jack, but it's real money here. We got to the place and they said he needed heart worm meds so my baby didn't get worms. Ahh! But to give them to us, he needed to get a test first otherwise the meds would kill him. Ok, I said.

THEN, they called me later in the day and he was also suffering from an ear infection. Poor guy... and yet poor me who had to buy two more meds. Don't worry, he also needed 3 teeth pulled cause they were decayed into stumps and only staying stuck in his mouth with plaque. Pain killer and antibiotics required. Ahhh!

Long story short (or long) over $500 later, my dog's breath smells better.



Oh, Jack. You silly expensive dog that brings such joy and loathing to my heart. I'm glad you're so long-suffering with your crazy owners. It teaches me that I can also be long-suffering with you.


  1. Yay! Good job! And can I just say that if you really did get all that stuff for $500 thats a great deal. In WA that would have easily been $1000. Glad Jack's cesspool is gone and he won't make things smell like stinky cheese when he licks it now. Now here's the kicker- if you brush his teeth regularly now, you wont have to do this again for a long time. :)

  2. wow - the before and after are great! glad to see they got all the junk off... good luck with that teeth brushing

  3. Oh Malea. I feel for you. I enjoyed reading this post, so much dog maintenance at once! I generally like dogs, but this post makes me not want to get a dog anytime soon. Not that I can afford one, but man they seem like a lot of work. It's like having another child. Good job taking care of Jack. He is lucky to have you.