Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

I've been out of the blogging world because I've been in the family world! I figure I'd rather enjoy family than blog about them any day. We were so blessed to have so much family with us in Provo this year! Amanda, Jared and Stuart Ondricek came on their way to Virginia for Jared's new job. We also had Marcia, Joe, Kye and Macie from Oklahoma for almost 2 weeks! In addition, on Christmas day we were with Mom & Dad Schmitt, Leathra & Tom Evans (with Matt, Sam, Joey and Abbylee) and Terry & Alice! How blessed we were to have such abundant family! If only we had a bigger house!

This is Lily on Christmas morning. She really enjoyed the paper.

Lily and cousin Macie.

Lily and cousin Stuart.

More Lily and Macie.

Kye enjoying the Wii.
Joe with a little sick Macie. Poor thing got really sick at the end.

Marcia and Malea.

James read Lily and Macie stories the night before the Schmitts left. It was SO cute how he used silly voices. They loved it.

James wishes Lily had long flowing hair like her cousin Macie.

Kye eating his gingerbread house.
Manie and Jared. Poor Manie had emergency surgery! She was a real trooper to still have fun with us!

Christmas day with Leathra, Joe and Abbylee!

Jared, Wes and James playing nerdy computer games.

CUTE cousins!


  1. Love the pictures & I'm glad you had such a great (I'll be it a little crazy) Christmas!

  2. looks like a great christmas!! so neat to see lily next to her cousins too.

  3. Ah, Grma loves those little people! So darn cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing these fun memories with us. Wish we could have been with you. James and the girls are so cute. What a good Daddy. Lily will have hair one day, it just might not be until she's two if she's anything like her cousin Eden. I think I gave Macie that Christmas Dress. Is that right, Marcia?

  5. Oh my gosh, these babies are so cute! I can't wait to meet Macie with all that hair. What precious little ones. I hope all five babies can get together before they are not babies anymore.