Thursday, December 16, 2010


I just posted about how happy I am staying at home with my baby. And I am! BUT, the day after I posted my feelings on staying home, I got a call from my old boss saying that someone in our department was going to be on a leave and he wondered if I could come in again at all. Well, here's the thing: we used up almost all of our savings when James was out of work for a little while this fall. So, we could really use the money. Hmmm...

I talked to James right away about it. He had the best advice. He said it was up to me, but that I needed to pray about it. I prayed that if I was supposed to go to work that I would be able to find someone I can trust to watch Lily and that I would feel good about it. If I was unable to find someone, I knew I wasn't supposed to do it.

At first I hit a few roadblocks. But then I called my WONDERFUL neighbor and friend. She felt like the opportunity to make a little money and watch my cute baby was just what her family needed right now!

So, I'm going back to work! It's only part-time and temporary. I'm a little worried because I very likely could miss some of Lily's "firsts," and it breaks my heart to think of not being with her all day, but I do feel like the security of replenishing our savings is worthwhile.

Have any of you gone back to work after staying home? How did you feel?


  1. When I had Addison I had to go back to work after my maternity leave, and at first it broke my heart. That first day back was one of the hardest of my life. BUT, I have to tell you, I ended up absolutely LOVING it. Part time is seriously the greatest. You get to interact with adults on a regular basis, but then you come home to be with your little baby for half the day too. I bet you'll love it. Especially since you found someone you trust to watch her. :)

  2. I'm glad this worked out for you lady!

  3. So glad that this has worked out & felt right for you!

  4. I agree with Rebecca, part time really is a good way to go. Any time I teach a class or whatever, I come back to my kids with renewed energy. I'm only away from them for a short while, but they just seem even cuter and I love them even more when I come back. Two hours was long enough to miss them, I guess. It's so nice that you were able to find someone to trust to watch Lily. Knowing that your neighbor will do things the same as you would do them will really set your mind at ease.

  5. We just got your Christmas card - congrats (belated) to you both! We are so happy that you were able to bring a little one into your family. I'm curious, what fertility treatments did you use to get pregnant? We're still trying, and would love some insight and advice.
    Congrats again! Lily is beautiful!

  6. Malea, your sweet James gave you the best advice. Prayer is always the way to go with big and little decisions. After all, The Lord has been in your marriage from the very beginning. I bet you'll appreciate everything more, with working, Lily, James, everything! Love you, Mom