Friday, August 3, 2012

Birth Story

Don't read this if you are squeamish and don't want to hear a few birthing details!

It all started on Friday afternoon when I went to my 38 week appointment. They tested my urine, which is completely routine. Unfortunately, it was positive for protein in the urine. Along with an elevated blood pressure reading, my doctor ordered a 24-hour urine test. Anywhere over 500mg of protein is a concern for pre-eclampsia. My doctor got the results on Sunday and I had 2300mg. She called and left James and I several messages on Sunday while we napped. During my Primary Presidency meeting, James came into the living room where we were meeting and basically said Dr Harrison had the results and was trying to get ahold of us. That was a really shocking way to learn that I was probably going to be induced, but at least the Presidency women are my dear friends and they were so supportive. And James does his best with tact. :)

James called the Dr back and she confirmed we needed to go to Labor & Delivery as soon as possible. We called my mom and she headed down. Terry and Alice came over for the short term.This picture is of me and Lily just before we left. It might be among the only pregnant shots I have of me. Side effect of our camera breaking. But really, it's about the same as I looked with Lily!
We got into the hospital and checked in. They gave me Magnesium Sulphate in an IV to prevent eclampsia (seizures). After a few hours, they started Pitocin. I was really bummed that I was being induced, but honestly we just prayed that whatever was supposed to happen we would feel good about. Pitocin started at 8pm. I had tiny contractions for the first 2 hours. Lily, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and I was totally great.

James and I got the flavored ice chips. I snuck a fruit and grain bar in and had a snack.

Dr Harrison came at 10pm and we decided to break my water. She felt sure that I would have a fast labor and delivery if we did that. Of course, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid so that made it more important that we hurry things along. Both of my children were poopers.

Contractions really picked up and I stared using hypnosis to get in the zone and stay relaxed. Henry was born 2 hours later and honestly it was a rough 2 hours. Pitocin really makes a difference. Ha! By far, the worst was that people kept talking to me and checking me and taking blood and getting my blood pressure and all of these distraction made it impossible to focus and stay ahead of the pain.

I can't really be mad about that because this picture is how I looked, but the screen shows my contractions coming every few minutes. I didn't do a good job of making my needs clear. When I finally did have a second to explain to James, I once again was interrupted by a contraction and was even more behind on the pain. Also, Magnesium relaxes your muscles so I couldn't move much in the bed, which made me very uncomfortable. Ugh.

I had terrible cold sweats and felt like I was going to die with each new contraction. It was so different from Lily's birthing time. I suddenly had to throw up and that was rough, BUT I sat up and moving positions was really helpful. Within a contraction or so (which was awful because I was sitting up, throwing up and contracting!) I felt like I needed to push. My doctor came in and said I was only dilated to a 9cm, but the Pitocin gave me no control, so I pushed anyway. I couldn't even control my legs so they were closed when I pushed. It was really scary having no control. I felt like I ripped in half. (I had no tearing, phew!) But his head came out.

Interestingly, I kind of went into shock and stopped. I laid back and sort of checked out. For a minute or so, my doctor was very firmly instructing me to push out his body, but I was totally over it. I even made a fake pushing sound and didn't push. I'm sure Dr Harrison thought that was great. Thankfully, the nurse and James pulled my legs up and I finally snapped back into it and got him out.

I was so spent. While they checked out Henry and Dr Harrison checked me out, I just faded in and out. It was really exhausting. And I kept thinking I can't do that ever again. I'm so sad that my experience had to be that way. Lily's laboring time was so controlled and while it wasn't easy, adding Pitocin and breaking my water changed the entire experience. Being interrupted also affected the experience. I really learned a lot about what went wrong and I feel bummed that I didn't make that happen.

The next morning, Lily and Grandma came to meet the little man!

Lily was a little confused, but she was happy to see mommy and she did like seeing the baby. She didn't really focus after a minute and got distracted. I think it was a coping technique. Since then, she's been up and down emotionally, but she loves brother very much. She's mostly happy and adjusting well.

After grandma and Lily left for a nap, they finally took me off the Magnesium and the Pitocin that I was still on in error. Don't get me started on that. Before they took the IV out, I was in bad shape with the Magnesium. Poor muscle movement, headache, dizzy, out of it. Within a few minutes, I started to feel better. After a shower, I could actually celebrate with James.

We are so happy to have this little man in our family!

We had some visitors in the evening. I didn't get pics of everyone, but Lindsay, Terry & Alice and the Carters came to see us! Lily and Grandma also came to see us again!

We FINALLY got to leave the hospital Tuesday morning. I was so hopeful that I'd get more sleep than I had in the hospital where they wake you up every stinking hour for something or other. They even woke me up to take Henry's vitals. Honestly, how can anyone recover?

We are now home and we're adjusting. James, "Gran-Gran" and I are all pretty tired. But Henry is a fantastic eater and he seems to be really getting onto a schedule like a pro! We thank Heavenly Father for our two amazing children! We love them more than we thought possible!

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  1. Oh my goodness those pictures of the three of you guys together are seriously so adorable! Glad Henry's here - wish the birth could've gone smoother for you! Love you lots! Glad I could come meet him before I left!