Friday, August 3, 2012

Lily's 2nd Birthday

I know I'm an entire month late in posting this, but we had a delightful time celebrating Lily's 2nd birthday. Lily loves water in any environment, so we decided to throw a very relaxed water celebration. We had a splash pool, borrowed a slip n slide, bought some water guns and filled water balloons.

We didn't have candles so we went with sparklers.

We had some great guests who happened to be in town for the event! Mom and dad Schmitt came up and brought Wesley, Joey and Abbylee. Terry and Alice came, as did my parents from SLC. Amanda was in town for a wedding so she was there. We also had Lindsay, the Carters, the Sorensens and the Lindsays. It was great fun!

Lily got some amazing gifts from people. If you gave us a gift and haven't gotten a thank you note, it's due to my having been 9 months pregnant and completely out of sorts until now. Lily has had so much fun playing her new toys!

Happy Birthday, my darling Lily! We have enjoyed every moment of our 2 years with you!

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  1. Happy birthday to her! And great pictures (wink, wink)