Saturday, June 25, 2011

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

I was asked to post some things that Lily might like for her birthday. We actually have been so blessed with clothes from my sisters, so this birthday is going to be all fun gifts.

Toys, toys, toys are what we need! I love developmental toys to help with hand eye coordination. Here are a few poppers/stackers we like.

 Shape sorters like these are great.

Lily LOVES the bath. The only thing that could make it better are toys like these:

Chunky puzzles like these ones would be great.
Lily has been really cute and snuggly lately. I think she would love any kind of stuffed animal.

Finally, books are the toy that just keeps giving. We love all books, but Lily has recently been into very girly texture books with glitter and flowers. We also could use some books or activities for church.

What do you think are must haves for this age?!


  1. Thanks Malea! These are SO helpful! I think you have made wise choices. Books I love are: Goodnight Moon, I Love you forever, of course, and any colorful board books are still great at this age. We will send some goodies your way! Lots of love to you all!

  2. Great compilation, Lay. Those are exactly what Stu could enjoy too, minus the stuffed animal. After all, he is at the same developmental stage. He gets bored of what we have. Thanks for helping me think about what he could use next.