Monday, June 20, 2011

Crawling - Almost

I have really struggled with this issue. At her 9 month appointment, Lily's doctor told me that Lily should be creeping and crawling and pulling herself up soon. We did more tummy time and I've worked with her, but Lily has not really progressed toward crawling. Now, she is 1 week from her first birthday and she is not crawling. She is not pulling herself up and she is not making great strides toward creeping much. I've really struggled feeling like if I wasn't working maybe I would have more time to work with her. However, this week I have come to realize that Lily's mobility is a result of a number of factors. I think the dog bothering her on the floor has resulted in less floor time. I also think that our rooms are so small that she doesn't have to move much to reach something entertaining. Lastly, Lily's personality is just plain laid back. She often prefers to play with her sock rather than make the effort to reach something more interesting. She's also gotten amazingly good at grabbing things with her feet, pulling the blanket or rug toward her with the toys on them, and splashing the water until her water toy comes near her.  She's actually pretty resourceful. 

She's been spinning in circles and pushing herself backward for several months. This week she actually started to army crawl. It's VERY limited and she's only done it a few times. I refuse to be embarrassed that she's not very mobile. I think her doctor is going to suggest physical therapy, but I'm happy with Lily just the way she is.

Every so often I sing the Primary song "Every Star is Different" to Lily at bedtime because it reminds me that every child is different and special. Lily will learn at her own pace and I will take each child I have and get to know their individual strenths.

So, for those who care to see, this video is my silly Lily and her grunting crawling. Also, her red knees from so much practice!


  1. I think you are wise to not be embaressed or worried. Kids all do things at different rates and I know plenty of kids who skipped the crawling phase altogether and learned to walk before ever crawling. She is darling!

  2. Absolutely do not blame yourself for Lily taking her time to crawl. Every child is different. On the other end, we take Walter to physical therapy for numerous reasons and it has helped him learn new things and has helped me learn how and what to teach him. Don't think too negatively about PT, it's not some negative reflection on your child and my experience is that the Physical therapist is way more accepting and alright with the development of your kids than the doctor.

  3. I love the video! She is too cute for words. She will get around anyway she can. Do you remember Krista being a scooter, and never crawling "correctly" until right before she walked? Every child is unique. Lily is precious! I love the grunting! Love you good Mama Malea!

  4. She is so cute and you are the best mom! I love your mom and me photo shoots - i still do those with Quattro some time! :) So fun! And she is a little smarty and she'll be walking in no time I'm sure! Love all these posts.