Saturday, April 10, 2010

20 Week Ultrasound - It's a GIRL!

We actually had a really disappointing 20 week ultrasound experience because the photo printer wasn't working and the ultrasound tech didn't really care the she gave us a sheet of totally black pictures. Ah well, we found out what we wanted, which was the gender. It took some time to settle into the fact that it was a she - but now it's totally normal.

I'm posting the only two pictures that had ANY use. The top is the face. A little skeletor-looking, but it's the head (forhead facing right) with two spread out black eye spots and a single black mouth-looking hole. Yeah, awesome. The bottom one was at least recognizable. It's her arm and hand with a little pinky sticking out. Terry (James' brother) said that's the pinky that she's going to wrap James around.

We considered getting a 3D photo experience at the mall, but we're really more concerned that she's healthy at this point. We'll get to see her soon in the flesh and that's good enough for us.


  1. Yeah a girl! We need more girls in this world! YA YA!

  2. Malea, you and your little girl are both doing very important jobs right now. Growing her! How cool. I am already in love with her, as I know you and James are too. Can't wait to meet her "in the flesh"! Mamma