Saturday, April 10, 2010


We started a blog so James and I can keep family, friends and posterity updated on what we're doing!

This blog will likely consist of James' random thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons, movies and life in general while my posts will probably be all pregnancy and baby oriented.

Just a run-of-the-mill pirate day for us. Not really. Actually, we have NO current pictures of us and this one was from Robert (Berto) Carter's last birthday and I liked it.


  1. Yeah Berto birthday!

    I like that picture of you guys & I like those bangs Lay- you should TOTALLY do that again!

    Hooray for new blog- keep it updated!

  2. Nice, Malea! You guys are so cute. :) Definitely keep up with the blogging - I miss you!

  3. You and James are so adorable! I like you guys! It's so fun to share your life with you now that you're blogging. Thank you for sharing! Love, Mom