Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dog and Baby

I read that when a baby is born into a home that has had a dog while the baby is in-utero, the baby doesn't freak out cause she's heard the barks and snuffles for several months.

Well, that made total sense and I forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I was going to bed. James was at the store or something, so Jack (our dog) was hanging out on the bed with me. Suddenly, he heard a noise (probably James coming home) and jumped up and barked full volume. The crazy thing was, the baby startled! She nearly jumped out of me! I felt so bad! But, I guess having her not freak out after she's born means she will freak out a little until she's used to it. I still felt bad I couldn't really comfort her, but I was glad she couldn't start that bad?

Anyway, it just made me think that she's learning and experiencing life even now. So cool.


  1. I think I remember this happening with Syd. So neat!

    Rob pretty much slept through an earthquake when he was in my belly. He stressed out the nurses at my "non-stress test" by not moving when they were buzzing my belly.

  2. Jack is the cutest! Can't wait to come love him, and you and James and the baby, too! Your body is an amazing machine! Believe me, she is doing fine in there! Mamma

    Congrats James! A lady in town here is doing the job for Census, she works 8 hours a day for 6 weeks, at $25 per hour. Crazy hours! Sound familiar?