Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baff time

Malea and I decided that it was about time to wash our little Lily, after all it has been a week and what better way to celebrate a birth than to get clean. It was pretty un-eventful, Lily handled it like a pro.I did most of the scrubbing and cleaning,While Lay did all the drying.I may have gotten a little water in her eyes, but Mom was there to wipe it away before it could cause too much trouble.

In the end we had a mostly clean baby... she may have pooed a little right as she was getting out, but who can blame her, baths can be traumatic. Here is a video of Lay taking Lily out to dry her.


  1. Aw that baby just warms my little heart. My babies all FREAKED during bathtime. No joke. Unhappy newborns. They live for baths now but man, out of the womb it was like torture!

  2. super cute - can't wait to see her!

  3. I'm in love with her already. I can't wait to meet her! You look like two happy parents. Love you, Mom