Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lily's Name

Lily: James and I spent the entire 9 months pouring through baby name books, baby name websites and looking for girls names everywhere we went. Throughout the entire pregnancy, we never once agreed on any name but Lily or May. May was ruled out when we posted about names on the blog and we realized May just doesn't go well with Schmitt. Too much like a sentence. So, it was pretty easy when she came to know that we were going to name her Lily. James liked Lilly and I liked Lily. Apparently, I won that debate since I had just birthed her.

Colima: Pronounced CO-LIME-A. This was James' Grandfather Langston's middle name, but it goes back farther than him. A very long time ago, James' mom's great great great or so grandparents went out to a dance together one night and left their 5 kids with a babysitter. While they were gone, their house burned down. All of the kids died in the fire. She was pregnant at the time and when that baby was born, they decided to name the baby Colima because it stood for Consolation Oh Lord In My Affliction. We feel that Lily has consoled us in all of the years it took her to get here!


  1. Love both those pictures & love the name!

  2. What a darling, precious, perfect, intelligent, beautiful, gracious, awesome, daughter, grand daughter,angel, person. That may cover how I feel about her. Lovely, enchanting, etc. We love you Lily. Grma and Grpa Stephenson

  3. love the story - I always LOVE it when a name means something - worked awesome for Priya, not quite as good of a fit for Brayden, but whatcha gonna do :)