Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Bit of Schmitt

We here at the Schmitt house believe that if you are going to do something, you have to do it right. So we decided that we were going to do this whole baby delivery thing right.

At 11:00 pm on the 30th Malea was having some powerful contractions and was worried that she they were just Braxton-Hicks. Not wanting to go to the hospital until she was certain she was going into delivery. It was at this point in time that Malea first asked me to time her contractions. I dutifully did so and determined that they were all over the place. Ten minutes, 3 minutes, 8 minutes. Worried about being able to make it to work on Thursday, I told Malea that I was going to bed and that if she needed anything that she could wake me up. About an hour later Malea woke me up and told me that she couldn't sleep because every time she fell asleep she was woken by a contraction. She wanted me to time the contraction again so I dutifully did.

Once again, her contractions were all over the place. Had I been more awake I might have realised that they were now coming much more frequently, but alas, I told Malea they were still inconsistent and that I was going back to sleep.

At 2:30 in the morning Malea woke me one more time and told me that she wanted me to pray. I tried my hardest and mumbled something partially coherent. When I was done praying Malea asked me what I had felt. I told her, "Tired," and went back to sleep.

A half an hour later, Malea woke me up and told me that if she had one more contraction she thought that she was going to die. I promptly awoke and told her that I would take her to the hospital. The first thing that Malea said to me was, "You hate me."

I packed the car and got ready to drive to the hospital. As Malea walked to the car she had three more contractions. After the third contraction Malea turned to me and told me that she felt like pushing. "Oops," I thought.

I drove 40mph the whole three blocks to the hospital and parked my car in the valet parking and rushed Malea into the Labor and Delivery. I called the main desk and told them that I thought my wife was going into labor. This was at about 3:15.

The nurse took Malea back to a room while I registered. Registration was really quick and when I walked into the room Malea was sitting with her top off and her pants on. she looked at me and said, "I am going to push now." I quickly pulled her pants off and called in the nurse.

The nurse walked into the room and Malea started pushing. I looked down and told the nurse that the head was poking out. Two pushes later and little Lily shot out and slid across the bed.

At about that time the on call doctor walked into the room and asked how things were going. The nurses let him know that the baby had already been born. The time was 3:30. That's right, fifteen minutes and three pushes was all it took. The best part, there was almost no tearing.

So that is the shortened version. I have attached a video of my singing the wake-up song to Lily so that Malea could feed her.


  1. Oh, how easy it seems from your point of view. :) My version may be a bit more dramatic, and I'll share it soon. Sleep first.

  2. In retrospect, you both were unaware of the fact that you had been in labor for quite a while, and indeed, were having that baby! Way to go, and glad she made it to the hospital!!! Next time, go sooner! (: Lots of love and pride, Mom