Sunday, July 18, 2010

Professional Photography

As a "neglected" fourth child, I have made a point to try not to do anything for my first baby that I will not do for all of my children. Since Lily is already starting to get big, I've started thinking about doing a photography session with her. My dilemma is that I would then want to do that with each new baby and I'm not sure I'll follow through.

My question for you, friends, is do you think it's worth the money to do a photo shoot for a new baby? When you had your next baby, did you have too many things going on to think to do the same with the second?

If you recommend doing it, do you recommend a studio sitting like JC Penney or hiring a person to come and do it? Any suggestions of people in Utah County?

Your advice is invaluable, blog followers. Thanks!
*The above picture is not my baby. But a picture like that makes me happy.


  1. I have a recommendation for a really good, well priced person- call me let's chat. Don't do it at a JC Penney like place, I didn't love my experience there.

  2. Yes I definitely recommend it. But not a studio thing like JC Penny. My sister in law does pregnancy/birth/newborn photography ( and I love it. She goes out to peoples homes or meets them where ever they want to go. Unfortunately she's in Seattle or I'd send her your way. Or you could just move to Seattle..hint, hint. Anyway,I am definitely doing it for all my kids in the future. I think years from now you'll be happy you did.

  3. Yes, do it and do it with someone who comes to your home and do it soon!!! I'd recommend me, but I'm better at engagements/family photos/bridals etc... But do it soon!! You want to grab as much of that baby newness as you can! Love you!

  4. I'm a fan of capturing baby growth professionally on a regular basis until they're 3 - that's when change seems to slow down. I think that every 6 months, from birth is a good rate but I know some people that do every 4. And of course, constant photo shoots at home are a must. Definitely don't go to a studio - there are SO many people out there that will come to you and capture Lily in her natural beauty, not propped up on some fake sheep skin. I'm a MAJOR fan on my friend Meredith - you'll recognize people on her blog if you scroll far enough. She's pricey so I'd recommend having her do a family shoot with some of just Lily but she's fast and fiercely talented.

  5. I recommend it. I have done it for all four. I used to do it in a studio-kiddie kandids is my favorite but I've also used JCPenneys. I love having them and then making a birth announcement to send out. For my fourth I had a friend come in and do some. I like those too but I was too lazy and didn't get the birth announcements made. It is a good thing to have and always fun to hang up in the house. I do them every 3 months. . . and if I don't take them to a studio I do a little photo shoot with my point and shoot at home and then take them to get printed. So I at least do birth, 6 months, and then 1 year/yearly at a studio or professionally done. (I'm a friend of James' from BYU)

  6. I hate to be the naysayer here, but I wouldn't do it. I personally like pictures that bring back memories of things done together or events that happened. Professional pictures can be cute, just too manipulated sometimes. All that said, I do paint a watercolor portrait of each of them close to birth, so maybe go for a photo shoot of her early on to hang on the wall and then let life happen taking pictures while you make memories of how you grow as a family.