Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Big!

Lily had her 2 week check up with her doctor, who was my delivering doctor. I really liked having a Family Practitioner deliver my baby. She's my doctor and Lily's doctor, for all birth related stuff AND for anything else. I'm loving the consistency. At Lily's well-baby appointment, she spent a few minutes talking to me about gallstone pain. One doctor fits all!

Here's how Lily stacks up in weight and length:

PS We didn't put purple lip stick on Lily, we were treating her for a little thrush on her tongue. The medicine dyed her lips purple.


  1. Aw, come bring that baby over here so I can eat her!

  2. Malea! Tisha just gave me your blog. Your baby is so cute! Congrats on such a sweet baby and an awesome birth story! I'm glad it turned out so well for you!