Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. Lily finally crawled this week! She's been getting more experimental but she actually got on her hands and knees and moved forward several feet. Funny thing, she actually did a lot of her first moves in the bath. I think the soft bath mat we have and the lightness of her body help her to have more courage.

She's also FINALLY able to sit up by herself. She even started to pull herself up on her crib. This may seem like a minor thing for people with more timely children, but this is a wonderful breakthrough. The only problem is that she can't be still! She's a wild woman! 

Moms, how do you get your child to go to sleep when they start moving around and playing in their crib!? She was up "playing" and fussing for almost 3 hours last night!


  1. Congrats on the crawling! As for your question, Malea, I would go in and check on them every so often just to make sure they're still safe while "playing" in the crib at unreasonable hours of the night, but mostly try and let them be. They'd usually tire themselves out and go to sleep on their own. It's when they figure out how to climb out of the crib that things get a little trickier...

  2. Congratulations Malea. Everything changes once the little guys get mobile, she is just adjusting to her new found skills. Give her some time and she should be able to balance out.

  3. Oh yay!!! I know you were worried about this, how exciting she's making great progress!! :) Now watch out world here she comes. Try to get her to wear herself out during the day or inbetween naps! Lots of moving and exercise to tire her out! And yeah, she'll get over it and adjust soon!

  4. YAY Lily! So darn cute! When we see her next month, she will be really cruisin'! Can't wait!