Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lily's First Birthday

Here's a summary of Lily's first birthday in pictures! We had Leathra & Tom Evans and family, Terry & Alice Schmitt, Mom Schmitt & Wes, Scott & Olivia Carter family, Jason & Carina Lindsay family, Jillyn Nelson and kids, and Lily's current babysitter Mia & Cory Johnson.

You may notice that Lily has a bow in some pictures and not in others. You may also notice that she's trying to pull the bow out of her hair in many of them. Ha!

Scott Carter

Terry Schmitt

James and the Lindsays

Leathra & Tom

Jillyn and Noah (baby Brigham was sleeping)

Cory & Mia Johnson
(Lily trying to pull the bow off even though it was already off)

Wes, James and I

Scott, Liv and Berto Carter
Scott's sister Emily and her hubby Russ were in town and came too

 Singing happy birthday - Lily loving that cake
We decided against a candle since we've heard too many burned-baby-fingers stories

Trying to make Lily smile for the picture. She's so mellow most of the time.

 Lily's cake. She loves the bath, so James picked out this little ducky cake.

 Trying to figure out what to do with the cake.

Finally getting into it.

 I think she was a little confused. Mom never lets her get this messy!

 Uncle Terry was so helpful in cleaning off the lady.

We sat in the grass (which Lily loves) to open presents. Abbylee was very helpful in bringing over presents and announcing what wonderful toys Lily received.

Glittery books from the Carters! She wanted to look at them instead of the camera.

Marcia & Joe Schmitt fam sent Lily a "dog that mom will like." She loved it!

 Lily looks very subdued, but she was very happy!

She's had so much fun this morning playing with her new toys from the Lindsays, the Evans, and Lindsay Grauling (who stopped by just before bed). Lily can't wait to try the bath toys from Terry and Alice. We can't wait to dress her in the cute clothes from the Johnsons and Carters. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family! Thanks for celebrating Lily's birth with us!


  1. I have a hard time believing she is already one!! Time flies. She is so adorable!

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I always love to get comments. Our camera is a Canon 60D. It was pretty expensive even though I think we got a good deal on it, but it is one of those purchases that we haven't lost any sleep over. Scott and I both love to take pictures. We are not pro in any way though. Really the camera does all of the work. We have been in the market for a nice camera for a few years and just recently made the plunge. We did a lot of shopping around. I think we bought cameras from Costco or other places we knew we could return them, then we would try them out to see if we liked them. Some were not very user friendly and we finally found the middle ground of what we liked best - took the best pictures with us not having to read the manual every time we wanted to take a picture. Anyways, definitely one of my favorite purchases. Good luck in finding what you want if you upgrade. We REALLY love ours.

  2. You forgot to mention my gift....oh wait, I'm the lame friend who didn't bring one! Bwhahaha, so sorry about that. Will be rectifying that shortly. Thanks for letting us come! We had a blast.

    PS - I love how I look pregnant in the picture you have of me.....sick. ;o)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Lay. We wish we could have come! Lily is a beautiful and very dignified little lady! :)